Why the Blender@Work Payroll Tax Reduction System?

Blender Marketing Consultants, LLC (“Blender”) has developed a new cost reduction program called Blender@Work. Unlike other programs, it reduces payroll taxes for the employer and, at the same time, increases employee benefits. And best of all, there’s no change to the employee take home pay!

  • Employer saves money in FICA Tax contributions
  • Employee gets access to a robust Proactive Health Management Solution Plan (not wellness)
  • Choice of additional benefits for employees

There is no other choice where your benefits can increase, take home pay will not decrease, and employers can save the money necessary to grow their business!


Why the Blender@Work Payroll Tax Reduction System Now?

Employers are looking for cost savings to offset increased expenses and stimulate growth in this environment of regulation and financial turmoil.

  • Huge cost shifting to employees is now at a critical tipping point.
  • Medically related bankruptcies are rising at an alarming pace, even when covered by major medical plans.
  • Health Insurance alone is not getting the job done.

How the Blender@Work Payroll Tax Reduction System Works

The employer defines the contribution plan in which the employee chooses their options. Once the options are selected, the participating employee contributes monthly to their plan. These contributions are pre-tax and excluded from taxable income. The employee and employer both benefit from payroll tax obligations. The employee receives the chosen benefit in the form of limited fixed payment incentives and supplemental benefits.


This is general information about an evolving topic and does not constitute legal, tax or accounting advice regarding any specific situation. Blender Marketing and/or its Affiliates cannot anticipate all the facts that a particular employer or individual will have to consider in their benefits decision-making process. We strongly encourage readers to discuss their Health Care Reform situations with their tax advisors to determine the actions they need to take or to visit (which may also be contacted at 800.318.2596) for additional information.