About Us


Blender Marketing is a Full-Service Business Solutions Firm That Specializes in Cost Reduction & Marketing.

Blender’s Major Divisions are:

  • Merchant Financing (able to assist companies raise short and long term capital for 10k-2 billion dollars)
  • Procurement Cost Reduction (historically save companies an average of 28% of existing expenses).
  • Worksite Solutions Program (custom layered solutions)
  • Marketing & Strategic Partnership Development

Started in 2005 by two friends who had a desire to help local non-profits with their business experience, develop a firm that now helps business, non-profits and governmental agencies of all size save money and/or increase profits.

Today, Blender and/or its Affiliated companies have helped companies create an average of $500,000.00 in savings and increased profit margins in specific categories by 35%.

But we are not through yet….Set up a FREE Consolation with a Blender Marketing or one of our Affiliated Agencies/Firm across the Country TODAY!!